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How does work?
AuthorsandExperts.Com offers an economical place for authors, experts, and speakers to be discovered by members of the media and other organizations. For a modest fee, you can be listed on AuthorsandExperts.Com with a link directly to your own web site. We aggressively market AuthorsandExperts.Com to media outlets, organizations, and associations nationwide who can then access our site (and your name and link) for free.

What makes AuthorsandExperts.Com different from similar web sites?
Authors and Experts is a two-way street. It's not only a database of authors, experts, and speakers—AuthorsandExperts.Com also enables members of the media and organizations to post their specific needs for free.

What can I do to improve the chances of my AuthorsandExperts.Com listing being selected?
The most important thing you can do is to provide us with a powerful message for your listing description. Your description should be approximately 100 words that sum up what you have to offer, your credentials, and the topics you feel comfortable talking about. Your listing will also include up to 50 keywords to help draw the media and others needing your services to your listing. (Those utilizing the Internet rely on keywords to track down experts or authors who meet their needs). You should also consider developing your own web page where you can give more detailed information about your topics and background.

How do I know whether or not to charge for my appearances?
If you're an author promoting a book through interviews, you probably won't be charging a fee. If you're seeking professional speaking engagements, you may want to consult with speaking organizations or coaching consultants to determine when it is appropriate to charge and the amount to charge.

If the media folks contact me directly, how will I know that the referral came from AuthorsandExperts.Com?
We encourage those using our site to mention that they found you through AuthorsandExperts.Com. However it's important ask every contact how they found you. This information will enable you to know which publicity channels are working best for you.

How often does AuthorsandExperts.Com update its database of media contacts and organizations?
We are continually adding names to our database. If you have a resource you think should be added, be sure to let us know.

I paid to be a featured author on your home page. Why am I there sometimes, but then other times I am gone?
Your listing is 'appearing' and 'disappearing' from the home page because the featured listings are displayed on a rotating basis. We have programmed the website to display only 20 featured listings at a time. If more than 20 authors elect to have featured listings at any given time, only 20 will appear. We limit the number of featured listings that we sell so that all featured authors will appear at least 50% of the time. This is sort of like flipping a coin... sometimes you may get heads three times in a row before you get a tails, but it eventually comes out equal.

I elected to have a picture on my listing. Why do I see a generic picture instead?
If you signed up for a featured listing we will add your picture to your listing for free. To utilize this service you will need to send a copy of your picture to If you have sent us your picture, and we have confirmed that it was added to your listing, please try refreshing your browser before contacting us. Most computers will save files from a website to make the page load faster... and sometimes the files can be out of date. We also recommend that you try deleting your Temporary Internet Files.

Besides referrals, what are the other benefits of signing on with AuthorsandExperts.Com?
It gives you a presence on the Internet. You never know when someone is looking for an expert. This gives you one more place on the Internet to be discovered.

Should I count on AuthorsandExperts.Com to handle all my publicity or marketing needs?
Good grief, no! AuthorsandExperts.Com is only meant to supplement your ongoing marketing and publicity needs. It's certainly a good place to start, but you shouldn't expect your listing here to provide all the visibility your publicity campaign needs. When your budget permits, we encourage you to work with a PR pro. Meanwhile, read as many books as possible that offer professional guidance.

What other publicity-related things should I be doing to promote myself?
Everything you can think of! By all means, your publicity campaign should include regular news releases. It also may be appropriate for you to produce flyers and to consider advertising. Also, you should explore the Internet in search of other sites that might be interested in establishing a link to your listing at AuthorsandExperts.Com.

If you need assistance with custom publicity or the design of a custom media kit, visit the Story Monsters LLC website or email us.

How should I keep track of my interviews and speaking engagements?
You should probably do what we do: create your own calendar. When interviews start happening, then fill in your time slots. Fax a copy to your media contact and keep a copy in your own three-ring binder. Also, you should definitely confirm your interview two days ahead of schedule. If a member of the media requested a review copy of your book or product, be sure that they received it in a timely manner.

You could also ask if the producer or organization contact has the name of any local bookstores. This will save you valuable time—time that would have been spent contacting local bookstores, calling information, going to your local library to try to find bookstore names, or searching on the Internet. The producer might even have a name of a store manager. It's always nice to be provided with a contact name.

What prompted you to start AuthorsandExperts.Com?
Linda F. Radke helped dozens of authors to produce their books and began Publishers Support Services, a firm devoted exclusively to aiding book writers in their work. Since 1985, her clients and their books have been covered by: "CBS' 60 Minutes", FOX News, Ladies Circle, Ladies Home Journal, the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, Success, the Associated Press, US Air magazine, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Choice, Medical Economics, Small Press, American Medical News, The Denver Post, The Arizona Republic, Business Opportunities, Book Watch, Rainbow Electronic Reviews, Creative Kids, Curriculum Review, NEA Today, Drama/Theatre Teacher, The Book Reader, Bloomsbury Review, the Midwest Book Review, Stein Online, C-Span2 Book TV, the Howard Stern Show, the Dr. Toni Grant Show, Woman's Own, Giftware News,Florida Times Union,Intermountain Jewish News, B'Nai B'rith International Jewish Monthly, Playgirl, and many, many more.

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