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Sarah Lipton Sedibeh Can you tell Laurie that I am really grateful for what she has done for me: putting my photograph, listing and description on THE AUTHORS AND EXPERTS website. I think that AUTHORS AND EXPERTS is an invaluable website for writers and speakers. Also, I think that THE DRAGONFLY AWARDS are great for authors. I am going to enter at least two of the categories.
I am pleased to be a member.

— Sarah Lipton

I just wanted to say thanks very much for offering this resource. I contacted two excellent experts via Authors and Experts were very willing to help me out with quotes for parenting articles. My client's delighted with the articles and I'm sure it's in no small measure because of the contributed quotes from your members. They were a real pleasure to work with. bonus is we're going to be working on a press release to launch my client's site soon, giving them even more exposure once that comes out. Putting on my editor hat, I'm also arranging to interview them both about their books in the future for The Cuckleburr Times. Thanks again, Linda!

— Kay Elizabeth, freelance writer.

"It is a fairly easy task to find guests for a radio or television show, it is another to find interesting guests. Authors and Experts and Linda Radke have yet to let me down. I keep thinking they are going to send me an invoice someday for all the help they provide. They are what talent bookers refer to as a goldmine."

— Jack E. Jett, TV & Radio Host, Rational Radio, Q Television Network

"Authors and Experts has worked out great for me from the moment I signed up. The site is easy to navigate, and I love the flexibility of being able to make changes anytime I want. I tried other author sites and this one is definitely the best."
— Marie Dubuque, Consumer Education Feature Writer for Suite101.com

"I have been a featured author and expert on the appropriately titled website, authorsandexperts.com, for about a year. It has resulted in some great interviews and I have already pre-paid for my listing to continue for the next 2 years."
— Dating Expert Stephany Alexander, Founder WomanSavers.com
. Author of Sex, Lies & and the Internet

Authors & Experts is a great networking tool. I was contacted within 24 hours after joining to appear as a guest on a radio show. Thanks and keep up the good work!

— Amanda Brooks

"Authorsand Experts.com is one of my best sources for interview guests!"
— Doug Miles, WSRQ Radio (Sarasota, FL)

Thank you for referring me to Lets Talk Kids Radio, they phoned me and asked me to do an interview. I greatly appreciate it.
— JoAnn Dahan, Author of Kids Training Puppies in 5 Minutes and TV show host of Kids Training Puppies

Julie Clark Robinson It was like clockwork. I signed up with authorsandexperts.com and as with the other success stories that I've read here — sure enough, the first 24 hours were exciting indeed! I landed two radio interviews in markets where I'd not yet been on air. And, the best news of all is that I now have my very own column - something I've wanted long before I imagined that I'd write a book. As it turns out, my "create pockets of joy and inject them into every single day" message was just what the publisher of a new regional magazine wanted for their "Attitude" section. Even if nothing else comes of this relationship (but I hope it will!), it's already proven to be a great investment for me! Helpful hint: Two of my email responses were directly caught by my Spam filter and I would never have seen theme if I didn't check my spam folder!

— Julie Clark Robinson, Author, Live in the Moment

Tina Volpe After joining Authors and Experts.com, I had the opportunity to have my bio and book synopsis written for my description. I must say, it was by far, the best description of myself and my book I have read! I have also had contact from a media anchorman after only 2 days of being involved with A&E, offering me publicity. I believe that this was probably one of the best decisions I could have made. Coming into contact with A&E has been a blessing! The people are wonderful, and without a doubt, helpful.

— Tina Volpe, Author, The Fast Food Craze, Wreaking Havoc on Our Bodies and Our Animals, www.fastfoodcraze.com

Olivia Fox Cabane I had joined A&E upon reading a quote from a new member, claiming that she had received a media enquiry the day after she joined. I cynically thought it was probably the "individual results may vary" kind of occurence, but hey- the application was quick and easy; I had little to lose. So I sent in my application.... Less than 24 hours later, I received an enquiry from the Entrepreneur Magazine Radio show, for an interview on networking, my field of expertise!

— Olivia Fox Cabane, Executive Director

We love your services!!! Thanks for providing them.

— Jeanie Lehman, Manager, Customer Service, Silver Falls Press

Linda Scott_Blanton I just wanted to let you know that my publicist was contacted today by someone from the media list. That's absolutely fabulous because I just joined A&E last night! Can you believe it? I must say, it was well worth stumbling upon this website and finding your services. If I don't get another contact from your list, I can still say the site is very useful. Already today I have recommended it to a few of my author friends.
Thanks for making this service available for me and others!

— Janice Scott-Blanton, Author of Succulent Sex

I have some good news. The March teacher's guide for TIME For Kids (The Big Picture edition) includes No Lobster, Please! by Robyn Rogers on a resource list. The brief mention is on the recommended book list that accompanies a health-themed issue.

— Nicole Iorio, Senior Editor, TIME For Kids

Dr E.S. Etuk's book Recipe for Success "Thank you so much for the excellent business relationship that is developing between you and I. May it last forever. You are a star."

— E.S. Etuk, Ph.D, Recipe For Success

"I just wanted to let you know that I landed a one hour interview on a nationally syndicated radio program tomorrow night from 10-11 p.m. It is the Barry Farber Program carried by the Talk America Radio Network. He is very well known in talk radio and I am very excited. It is a great way to kick off my media efforts. Thanks!"
— David DeBatto

"I thought you would like to know that I had a wonderful one-hour live radio interview by Pet Radio Net in Ontario for the Pamela Jameison show on Tuesday, August 12th. She really promoted my book, "Wellington's Windows", saying it should be in every school! Thank you for the connection! They got my name from your site."

— Marilyn Mae Randall, www.angelicgift.com

"Thanks to my listing on your website, I have guested on the Ryen Lindsey show, Insights, on WDLB, Marshfield, WI, and have been invited back for a return slot this week. In addition, this morning I have been invited by the Roz and Leslie Show for KJSA 1120 AM in Dallas, and that will air tomorrow. Their producer also found me on your website."

— Linda Chalmer, Producer/Host for "What's New on WHLD," 1270 AM in Buffalo, NY

"I initiated the Authors and Experts enrollment only 5 days ago and I have already been booked by talk-radio stations in Florida, California, and Wyoming. I am amazed at the response!"

— Hank Christen, Dir. of Emergency Response Operations, Unconventional Concepts Inc.

"We booked an author through AuthorsandExperts.com and the experience couldn't have been any better! When we called the author for the interview he was exceptionally well-prepared and waiting for us. He did such a nice job we kept talking about him for 45 minutes after the interview ended. I will jump at the next guest AuthorsandExperts.com suggests."

— Farrell Hirsch, Executive Producer, Playboy Radio

"I have to say I've been quite pleased with the results of my clients' listings at AuthorsandExperts.com. One has had no less than six radio interviews as a result and others have had book review requests, interviews, etc. What a great service!"

— Rusty Fischer, Author of "BEYOND THE BOOKSTORE: 101 (Other) Places to Sell Your Self-Published Book"

"AuthorsandExperts.com is one of the most useful sites to find excellent authors and experts. We're proud to be associated with them as they have added value to the quality books we've been reviewing."

— Jennie S. Bev, Managing Editor of www.BookReviewClub.com

"I have received nothing but great responses to my ad on your web site. I value your web site as an asset to what I am doing. Namely to produce a three hour Radio Talk Show 5 days a week...Thank you for all the help you have been."

— Dave Mitchell, News Director of "Don't Start Me Talking" with Dave and Dave, KTOX 1340 AM,Needles,CA.

"I just signed up a few days ago, and have already had a radio host for an afternoon talk show contact me to book an on-the-air interview (I did NOTHING except to reply to his email and agree to be interviewed)! AuthorsAndExperts.com is INCREDIBLE! I am convinced your service will help me take my business to the next level! It is exactly what I have been searching for - what a tremendous VALUE!"

— Patrick Snow, www.CreateYourOwnDestiny.com

"I have your site "favorite placed" and will check often. I am always looking for guests for our show. I have schedule Cantor Leo Fettman in January. Thank you for your time. "

— Lisa Chaffin, Producer, The Morning Zone

"As the editor of two big websites for writers, I regularly turn to AuthorsandExperts.com when I'm looking for authors to interview . I've been impressed by the variety and professionalism of authors who list with this service, and I will continue to refer to it to find interview candidates and books for review. It's a win-win situation: I get a convenient way to find new authors, and they get a ton of publicity for their books!"

— Jenna Glatzer, Editor-in-Chief, www.absolutewrite.com

"AuthorsandExperts.com gets RESULTS! I just booked another major market radio talk show on short notice. As a former Associate Producer of a radio talk show and with appearances on more than 400 radio talk shows, I know how important it is for an author/expert to be available to the media on short notice. Thanks!"

— Larry James, Author, CelebrateLove.com, "How to Really Love the One You're With"

"Being a member of Authors and Experts, my membership finally paid off. I answered a guest wanted ad, received a reply and had an interview and lively discussion with Keith Cooper of WORC Radio. I had a lot of fun. The discussion was based on my book, "Don't Quit Your Day Job: Adventures For The Working Stiff."

— Jay Toberman, Author,"Don't Quit Your Day Job: Adventures For The Working Stiff, http://www.jtadventures.com

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