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Purple Dragonfly Book Awards Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
Authors' Requests to Expand Categories Heeded by Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
[ More Info ]
Barbara Freeman Barbara Freeman
This is No Ordinary Children’s Book. The Book Shows the Intelligence of the Pit Bulls.
[ More Info ]
Howard Beckman Howard Beckman
Tempting The Devil In The Name Of God..
[ More Info ]
Elaine DePrince Elaine DePrince
Author speaks on interracial adoptions and empowerment of girls
[ More Info ]
Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Royal Dragonfly Book Awards
Royal Dragonfly Book Awards
[ More Info ]
E.I. Hunter, PhD E.I. Hunter, PhD
Life Coach, Author, and Public Speaker
[ More Info ]
Conrad J. Storad Conrad J. Storad
A Book with a Bite! Little Five Star Announces Gator, Gator, Second Grader Partnership with The Pet Care Trust’s ‘Pets in the Classroom’ Program
[ More Info ]
Randall Reneau Randall Reneau
Randall Reneau, award-winning author (thrillers)
[ More Info ]
James J. Gormley James J. Gormley
Award-Winning Author; Expert in Dietary Supplements and Health Politics
[ More Info ]
Terry John Barto Terry John Barto
Author of Children's Books that Inspire Kids to Dream.
[ More Info ]
Michael R. Strickand Michael R. Strickand
Multicultural Author / Teacher / Parent and Child Advocate
[ More Info ]
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
[ More Info ]
Conrad J. Storad Conrad J. Storad
Rattkesnake Rules! Uh-oh! Was that a rattle I Heard?
[ More Info ]

Following are some of the media organizations who have registered at
  • Sassy On Demand -
  • I am looking for fun and exciting celebrity guests
  • Jones Radio Networks, Seattle -
  • Getting info for booking guests on The Alan Kabel Show
  • Death Row Stories -
  • I see this site connecting me to people interested in interviewing new authors.
  • Insightful-Security Solutions -
  • Not sure yet
  • and -
  • Looking for authors to interview
  • Talk Wire Radio Network/3 Wise Women -
  • Seeking expert panelists in a variety of different areas
  • Rob Roots -
  • To show youth and young adults the importance of choices and gives them the keys to overcoming a fall and achieving success.
  • Kids Radio Mania -
  • I host a weekly talk show on WHO radio, a news/talk station that is the #1 station in the market.
  • Envoy Creative Media -
  • I am an author, radio producer, and speaker and can provide workshops in media. I have written three books on the subject of Christian's in Media.
  • Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist -
  • Hoping that writing conference program chairs will learn about my presentations
  • Making It TV -
  • Locate guest authors
  • For Immediate Release Reviews -
  • Finding review copies and authors to interview.
  • Ellusions Radio Network -
  • Seek out potential guests for our morning and afternoon syndicated radio shows.
  • Lowell Sunrise -
  • radio show guests
  • Red Bar Radio -
  • Producer for radio program, book guests weekly.
  • AURN -
  • We are a national news network always looking for experts when working on news stories and information, also we have a national gospel music network where we interview guests concerning: Money, Health, News , Technology, and other issues that effect our t
  • CNR Radio Services -
  • Looking for possible interviews for radio news and programs.
  • Countdown to College Radio Show -
  • locating potential interviewees for my talk show
  • Howl Media, LLC -
  • WE are always looking for relevent content for our radio and podcasting network.
  • World Class Weddings -
  • I hope the site will enable me to contact publicists, so that we may include their clients in our bridal magazine.
  • Antioch University -
  • possible interviews
  • Eagle Communications -
  • Looking for guests to be on my radio show, "Let's Talk Marketing."
  • "On The Scene In Dallas" -
  • I am a host of a talk show in dallas and your guests will improve the format.
  • -
  • Always looking for experts and freelance travel, food & wine writers to cover beats, trips and produce articles, present seminars, workshops at trade shows and special events.
  • Money Matters Financial Radio Network -
  • We are a radio program always on the lookout for potential guests. This could be a valuable resource for us.
  • Z Factor Communications -
  • Helping me to book qualifiued guests.
  • Condicast -
  • I will be using the site in order to get interviews for my blog and podcast. I hope to interview people who are passionate about their profession.
  • Empire Press Media, Inc. -
  • I'm always looking for travel experts for travel guidebook writing and Internet work
  • Memphis Morning News, NewsRadio 600 WREC -
  • providing info on guests and authors
  • Boston PR Group -
  • Freelance writer interested in finding leaders who are guided by spiritual values, especially women who have almost a vocational sense about their purpose and mission in life.

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