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Members of the media, organizations needing guest speakers or those needing an expert interviewee are just a few examples of those eligible and who will benefit from establishing FREE a media account.

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Cathy Wild, Somatic (Holistic) Counselor & Creativity Expert Cathy Wild, Somatic (Holistic) Counselor & Creativity Expert
WILD IDEAS: Using "creativity" as a toolkit for transformation & breakthrough
[ More Info ]
Beckey Burgoyne Beckey Burgoyne
Perfectly Amanda, Gunsmoke's Miss Kitty: To Dodge and Beyond
[ More Info ]
Kendall T. Shoulders Kendall T. Shoulders
Jesus is a Worm..and a Snake too. Among other things
[ More Info ]
Margaret Ottman Margaret Ottman
The Lonely Loon - A Children's Story About Tolerance and Compassion
[ More Info ]
Dr. Rick Niece Dr. Rick Niece
Award-winning educator, turned author, shares hometown values.
[ More Info ]
Purple Dragonfly Book Awards Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
Authors' Requests to Expand CategoriesHeeded by Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
[ More Info ]
Cass Foster Cass Foster
The Introduction to Shakespeare is No Easy Task
[ More Info ]
Obom Bowen Obom Bowen
Top Relationship Enrichment Company, Programs & Retreats
[ More Info ]
The Trotters of Tweeville The Trotters of Tweeville
Join the Kindness Revolution
[ More Info ]
Richard Rieman Richard Rieman
Award Winning Audiobook Expert - Narrator, Producer & Consultant
[ More Info ]
Rene Natan Rene Natan
The Novels of Rene Natan---suspense, romance, intrigue and adventure
[ More Info ]
Conrad J. Storad Conrad J. Storad
A Book with a Bite!
[ More Info ]
Julianne DiBlasi Black Julianne DiBlasi Black
Children's Book Author & Illustrator / Motivation and Creativity
[ More Info ]

Following are some of the media organizations who have registered at
  • MGP & Associates PR -
  • Contacts
  • Clinton Macomb Public Library -
  • Finding speakers for presentations are our three branch locations.
  • Envoy Creative Media -
  • I am an author, radio producer, and speaker and can provide workshops in media. I have written three books on the subject of Christian's in Media.
  • David Colello -
  • I'm looking for info and people to interview for freelance writing and blogging.
  • Better World Technologies -
  • I am looking to get booked on talk radio. I have done over 3,000 radio interviews
  • Lighthouse Coastal Productions -
  • We may need to fill regular and last minute Guest & Interview Spots for Radio, TV, Magazine and Newspaper.
  • Talkradio KCPS -
  • I book interviews for a radio talk show
  • Advantage Publishing -
  • We are actively seeking freelance writers and contributers as well as health and beauty experts for our new regional Orange County healthy lifestyle magazine, OC FLAIR.
  • Financial LifeLine Radio -
  • Booking Guests for radio Talk show.
  • KHLOE Magazine -
  • Looking for radio publicity as I launch a young women's magazine.
  • Real Estate Coast to Coast with Mark Nash -
  • Finding guests
  • Brewer Media Group -
  • interviews for a health related topic show that we produce
  • Ella Speakes International -
  • I have a positive talk radio show in Oklahoma City, OK and am starting an internet radio station focusing on positive talk/Metaphysical Topics. I am also working with a woman on booking speakers for week long retreats.
  • Manta Ray Entertainment -
  • Not Sure yet? Hope to find guests for our radio shows
  • Tony Delvecchio Productions -
  • we are always searching for new people to interview and to help us bring good things out to the public
  • Prem's Homeopathic Clinic -
  • We consider your site as reputed site.
  • REACH FM -
  • Helping us book guests for our morning show . .
  • Popcorn N Roses -
  • not sure yet, we're looking for guests for our podcast
  • Cache Valley Radio Group -
  • Guests, books for review, topic ideas
  • Clear Channel South Atlanta -
  • need for talk show guests for a radio morning show
  • Sporting Nature Radio Show -
  • it will help with show preparations and quality
  • Aegis Publishing House -
  • I am a freelance writer for print and online publications. On occassion I am in need of quotes from experts on the subjects I will be writing about.
  • The Bracy Group -
  • Providing experts for my radio talk show
  • WXUT-FM/The Nookular Option -
  • I am hoping to book some good guests for our radio show.
  • Speeding Bullet Media Group -
  • Targeted guests for specific topics on our Internet broadcast network
  • The Dan Fagan Radio Show -
  • Helping book guests.
  • Steve Sleeper -
  • We need guests for our radio show
  • Suncoast Broadcasting -
  • Booking guests for my morning show.
  • Real Sisters Talk -
  • Looking for qualified guests
  • The Jackie Mason Radio Show -
  • I anticipate the site will give me a broad list of guests, available for phone interviews, searchable by topic or news event.

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