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Members of the media, organizations needing guest speakers or those needing an expert interviewee are just a few examples of those eligible and who will benefit from establishing FREE a media account.

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Sean Buvala Sean Buvala
Connect your story in parenting, performance, publishing and public speaking.
[ More Info ]
Libby J. Atwater Libby J. Atwater
Real Life Trumps Fiction
[ More Info ]
Dr. Rick Niece Dr. Rick Niece
Award-winning educator, turned author, shares hometown values.
[ More Info ]
Jeff Carter Jeff Carter
Retirement Boom "You don't know, what you don't know"
[ More Info ]
Linda F. Radke Linda F. Radke
Invite Linda F. Radke to your classroom: CREATIVE WRITING, INSPIRED THINKING, AND FUN, FUN, FUN!
[ More Info ]
Award Winning Children's Books Author, Shirley Moulton, M.S Award Winning Children's Books Author, Shirley Moulton, M.S
Magic Moon Children's Books
[ More Info ]
Saxelby's Children's Books LLC Saxelby's Children's Books LLC
Author Pam Saxelby shares her love of Children's Picture books!
[ More Info ]
Kendall T. Shoulders Kendall T. Shoulders
Jesus is a Worm..and a Snake too. Among other things
[ More Info ]
Kyle Morey Kyle Morey
[ More Info ]
Barbara Freeman Barbara Freeman
This is No Ordinary Children’s Book. Discover the Intelligence of Pit Bulls.
[ More Info ]
Allen Scovil Allen Scovil
Science-Fiction and Fantasy that believe in Jesus!
[ More Info ]
Howard Beckman Howard Beckman
Tempting The Devil In The Name Of God..
[ More Info ]
Pamela Cannalte Pamela Cannalte
Pamela Cannalte - "Imagination is everything . . . " ~ Albert Einstein
[ More Info ]

Following are some of the media organizations who have registered at
  • NE Colorado Broadcasting -
  • Very well. I do a radio Morning Show and am always on the look out for interesting guests.
  • Dr. David Phillips -
  • It is more than what I expected!
  • your personal mortgage planner, inc -
  • guests for my daily talk show
  • Clear Channel South Atlanta -
  • need for talk show guests for a radio morning show
  • MediaFameTV -
  • It will help me to book guests for my web interview show MediaFameTV.
  • Rowena Wall, Freelance Writer -
  • I'd like to have greater access to experts and authors to interview for magazine articles I write, and I hope that you will be able to help me to that end.
  • Ellusions Radio Network -
  • Seek out potential guests for our morning and afternoon syndicated radio shows.
  • Don't Invest And Forget / Your Financial Life -
  • Access to authors, experts and speakers specializing in the Financial Field and Money Management for guest to be on our programs TV or radio
  • duh -
  • motivation
  • Desert Television -
  • Will use the site to track down authors and experts for interviews covering a range of subjects and topics
  • Showtime Worldwide Radio Network -
  • Helping with guests for our network shows
  • MGP & Associates PR -
  • Contacts
  • -
  • As a growing book review site, we can meet authors' need to have their books reviewed. invites review copies. Please refer to our Web site for details and guidelines. Reviews will be posted on our Web site within 90 days.
  • On The Move Enterprises -
  • We need speakers who energize and communicate
  • Red Bar Radio -
  • Producer for radio program, book guests weekly.
  • Author/Speaker Liz Cosline -
  • Hopefully radio.magizine ideas, and speaking engagement ideas
  • Create Your World Foundation -
  • This site can meet my needs, by providing distiguishe guest, authors various experts to share on local radio/ tv show "Life Issues".
  • Main Street Media, Inc. -
  • We regularly interview content experts for documentaries on a wide variety of subjects, expecially history and the humanities.
  • Lightword Publishing -
  • Communication to self-published authors (small press) about how to apply for a free review in our publication, Mindquest.
  • Shires Media Partnership -
  • Fill in spots for community + consumer type news
  • Golden Corner's Broadcasting -
  • I host a sports talk show and I'm always looking for guests.
  • Cameron Broadcasting -
  • By providing access to guests that I can use on my daily talk radio show.
  • Citadel Broadcasting -
  • Radio show guests
  • That's Fine Publishing -
  • interviews from people of various genres
  • Clear Channel Radio -
  • Finding gusts for my radio talk show.
  • resources
  • Lowell Sunrise -
  • radio show guests
  • David X. Manners -
  • when I am looking for roundtable and profile candidates
  • Various magazines -
  • seeking subject experts to interview for feature stories
  • The world internet radio network -
  • we will see

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