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Members of the media, organizations needing guest speakers or those needing an expert interviewee are just a few examples of those eligible and who will benefit from establishing FREE a media account.

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Conrad J. Storad Conrad J. Storad
A Book with a Bite!
[ More Info ]
Linda F. Radke Linda F. Radke
Invite Linda F. Radke to your classroom: CREATIVE WRITING, INSPIRED THINKING, AND FUN, FUN, FUN!
[ More Info ]
Obom Bowen Obom Bowen
Top Relationship Enrichment Company, Programs & Retreats
[ More Info ]
Kendall T. Shoulders Kendall T. Shoulders
Jesus is a Worm..and a Snake too. Among other things
[ More Info ]
Author Patricia M McClure Author Patricia M McClure
[ More Info ]
Jane Frances Ruby Jane Frances Ruby
Just When You Thought your High School Trip to the Grand Canyon Was Safe . . .
[ More Info ]
Dr. Rick Niece Dr. Rick Niece
Award-winning educator, turned author, shares hometown values.
[ More Info ]
Todd Lemense Todd Lemense
Author , Expert on Ego control and keeping things in proper perspective
[ More Info ]
Dr. Nicolas Bazan Dr. Nicolas Bazan
[ More Info ]
Richard Rieman Richard Rieman
Award Winning Audiobook Expert - Narrator, Producer & Consultant
[ More Info ]
Margaret Ottman Margaret Ottman
The Lonely Loon - A Children's Story About Tolerance and Compassion
[ More Info ]
Elaine DePrince Elaine DePrince
Author speaks on interracial adoptions and empowerment of girls
[ More Info ]
Dorothea Jensen Dorothea Jensen
Award-Winning Author Who Brings History and Fantasy to Life!
[ More Info ]

Following are some of the media organizations who have registered at
  • Radio One -
  • To book guest on the show I produce called Afternoons with Amos, in Indianapolis
  • Lidanger Productions Inc. -
  • Attempting to find experts on the art of seduction for reality based television project.
  • truth2power -
  • I need guest's for my radio show
  • WSMN Radio -
  • radio talk show guests
  • Preschool Planet -
  • Resource for research for articles
  • Showtime Worldwide Radio Network -
  • Helping with guests for our network shows
  • The Dan Fagan Radio Show -
  • Helping book guests.
  • Providing Radio Interview & Guest information for RADIO ONLINE's Daily Show Prep (tm).
  • Prem's Homeopathic Clinic -
  • We consider your site as reputed site.
  • Freelance Writer -
  • Interview sources for articles
  • WXUT-FM/The Nookular Option -
  • I am hoping to book some good guests for our radio show.
  • Mall Street Media, Inc. -
  • Not sure yet?
  • It's Time To Breathe /Your World Realized -
  • I have 3 radio talk shows and am looking for Guest.
  • The Ed Tyll Show -
  • Booking guests on a variety of toics for our radio show
  • Surfnet New Media Group -
  • Great site to find potential guests for our network
  • Angelica Publishing -
  • Connecting me with writers whose work match my content and with speakers on topics that might be suitable to use as interview personalities for my magazine.
  • Parenting -
  • I am always on the lookout for experts and authors for our site,
  • Satellite Sisters -
  • I need guests!
  • Strategize & Organize -
  • Leads for speaking opportunities
  • 1490 WCCM AM -
  • Booking radio guests
  • -
  • I'm a book author, a radio personality, and I write and edit an online site: I can only imagine the uses...
  • Adam Thompson Show -
  • Finding guest speakers
  • Steve Sleeper -
  • We need guests for our radio show
  • Word of the Cross Ministries Intl. -
  • Assist in booking a Christian author and speaker
  • Two Irish Gals Unfiltered Talk radio -
  • guests
  • Heart & Soul Communications -
  • I am looking to interview authors and experts on a variety of topics, and I hope that this will fill this need.
  • Clear Channel -
  • weekend talk show guest resource
  • Broadcast Interview Source -
  • News on upcoming events and Who are the hot speakers nationwide . . .
  • the nonsense show -
  • no idea
  • "Kari Moran's BookRadio Show" -
  • I do a weekly online show featuring 3 authors - non-fiction, fiction and self-help. Your service can help me save time and endless phone calls to publicists in New York!

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