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Jim Signorelli

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About the book StoryBranding, by J.D. Meir, Reviewer and Author

Jim Signorelli
Advertising/Marketing CEO, Speaker, and Best Selling Author of StoryBranding

Having worked on many famous brands, Jim Signorelli has found that In order for advertising to work, the brand being promoted must first work the way a good story works, with a unique plot and an authentic theme that resonates with prospects. The most successful brands do. Most brands don't. In StoryBranding, Signorelli shows how brands, of all types, excavate and take advantage of their oft-hidden story potential. If you have or are a brand, critics are saying, "this is a must read." As the CEO of ESW Partners, a marketing company based in Chicago, Jim has led the company to being awarded to the Inc. 5000 list for three years straight. Crain’s Chicago Business magazine has cited ESW as one of the top agencies in Chicago. And Jim is the recipient of U.S. Bank's Smart Leader Award. He is a regular guest of radio shows throughout the country and his articles have appeared in numerous national publications. Jim is also available for speaking engagements. To see Jim speaking to members of the American Marketing Association visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6Eaej-aFB0

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