Patrick Andries
Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader, Dream Expert

Patrick Andries is a seasoned author, educator, and public speaker with over 20 years in the field of metaphysics. He has a degree in physics and biology with a teaching certificate in metaphysics. He is a certified teacher in three states. A long time teacher and interpreter of dreams, Patrick is a frequent guest on television and radio shows. He coauthored the book "Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed" and his second book "Owner's Manual for the Mind" is due to be released soon. In addition to teaching classes and workshops, Patrick is an energy healer skilled in a variety of healing modalities. He and his wife Kathryn also offer past life and health readings through their Web site. Patrick is available to speak and teach on topics such as, the future of education, dreams, meditation, visualization, concentration, past life and health readings, holistic health and healing, and energy healing.

For more information, please contact Patrick Andries:
Tel: 224-542-0037
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