Dr. Nicolas Bazan
Dr. Nicolas Bazan
Dr. Nicolas Bazan

Revealing his intimate knowledge of the mind and passion for New OrleansÝ rich, exotic culture, Dr. Nicolas BazanÝs "Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind" takes readers on a tantalizing journey to the secret recesses of the brain in his spellbinding debut novel about a hauntingly poignant jazz musician whose memory is slipping into the abyss of AlzheimerÝs, and a driven neuroscientist, Alvaro Cruz, whoÝs desperately trying to reconstruct her fragmented memory, believing it to be key to his own lifeÝs mysteries.

"Una Vida" is filled with delightful twists and unexpected turns, all centered around one of the greatest gifts New Orleans has offered the world ˝ jazz. But the story will also deeply touch anyone who has witnessed the heartbreaking deterioration of a loved oneÝs memory as it is consumed by the unforgiving encroachment of AlzheimerÝs.

ýThis mystical, deeply provocative novel portrays the anguish of AlzheimerÝs by contrast with the brilliance of the human brain in creating reality from dreams,ţ ˝ Leeza Gibbons, founder of LeezaÝs Place (for the families of Alzheimer victims).

ýNicolas Bazan is a born storytellerÍHis story unfolds with many surprises. ItÝs told with great compassion and has the gentle qualities of a sort of fairytale,ţ ˝ Edmond Fischer, Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology,1992.

However, itÝs more than BazanÝs neurosciences know-how and adept storytelling that elevates Una Vida. BazanÝs compassion drives his story straight to the heart. Having witnessed a beloved aunt suffer a seizure while walking him to a music lesson when he was a young boy, Bazan vowed to spend the rest of his life studying the causes behind seizures, stroke, blindness and other debilitating diseases of the brain in hopes of discovering therapies to slow down and/or cure those diseases. His empathy for those suffering from diseases of the mind is clearly manifest in Una Vida.

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