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Joseph McGarry
Operation Mermaid--The Project Kraken Incident
Kyle Morey
Susan C. Finelli
Ani H. Manjikian
Author - Spirit of the Lone Horse / Web Design & Development Consultant
Brian T. Seifrit
Books by Brian T. Sefrit
Jane Frances Ruby
Just When You Thought your High School Trip to the Grand Canyon Was Safe . . .
Randi Alexander
USA Today/NY Times Bestselling Author Randi Alexander
J. Steven Spires, Children's Book Author
J. Steven Spires, Children's Book Author
CJ Hatch - Author
Action/Thriller Fiction Author
Suzy Davies
Suzy Davies, Romance Novelist and Children's Author.
Ekko Mysteries
Johnny Walker: Showbiz Veteran, A/V Technical Mentor, Author, Public Speaker
Richard Rieman
Award Winning Audiobook Expert - Narrator, Producer & Consultant
Alan Brenham
Crime Fiction Author
Alyssa Louttit
Author, Young Adult Fiction
Jo S. Kittinger
Children's Author and Writing Conference Speaker
Roberta Hoffer
Author of The Stonebridge Ghost Tales & The Silent Vampire Trilogy
Magnolia "Maggie" Rivers-Author
Romance Author Magnolia "Maggie" Rivers
Alexandra Hamlet
Author, Cultural Defense Anthropologist, organizational leadership consulting
Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
Authors' Requests to Expand CategoriesHeeded by Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
Deb Browning
Deb Browning, Children's Author
Laura Gehl
Interactive, high-energy presentations and workshops for school groups
Nancy Scalabroni
Award winning children's author
SÚ Yudey
Author, Poet, Speaker
Steven Clark
Children's Christian Fantasy Author for School &Church Visits &Media Interviews!
Lori R. Lopez
Author, Artist, Poet
Melissa Kuch
Long Island Author Releases first book in new YA series
Gale H Leach
Author of Novels for Children and Young Adults that Inspire and Teach
Damon Ferrell Marbut
Author of Awake in the Mad World
JR Poulter, worked in a Circus, children's writer, teaches writing to 'in print'
Len Francis Monahan
Len Francis Monahan * National Award Winning Author * Humorist
Caroline Allen
Novelist/Writing Coach/Artist/Speaker
Edward J Longo
Author Seeks Literary Agent: - Expertise: Novels Screenplays, Nonfiction Books
Rene Natan
The Novels of Rene Natan---suspense, romance, intrigue and adventure
Cass Foster
The Introduction to Shakespeare is No Easy Task
Karen Matthews
The Legend of Lizard Lick Children's Book
John Paul Carinci
9 time published author, insurance executive available for interviews
Kathy Eytchison
Elkan the adventure of a lifetime.
Sherry Ellis
Childrens' Author and Professional Musician
Enganging & Experienced Expert available for interviews
Experienced, Engaging & Enlightening author/expert
Writing at the Speed of Diesel
Empty-nested, downsized, and living full-time in a tiny house on wheels.
Satiama Writers Resource
A Complete Suite of Services for Authors and Writers
John Mark Clubb
Abuse Does Not Have to be a Life Sentence
Learn how Rchard Lee Taylor was saved by a stroke.
Faith V. Smith
Faith V. Smith Author paranormal, time travel, historical romance.
Greg Sandora
Jack Canon's American Destiny
Stuart Gustafson
Learn to Combine Travel and Writing with America's International Travel Expert«
Cecy Robson
Urban Fantasy Romance Author Making Her Mark
Lili DeBarbieri
Award-winning Author
Suzie Olsen
Engineer and Writer, Author of Annie Aardvark, Mathematician

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