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Kyle Morey
Professional Growth
Recent Brain Research Revolutionizing the Role of Teachers and Parents
J. Steven Spires, Children's Book Author
J. Steven Spires, Children's Book Author
Suzy Davies
Suzy Davies, Romance Novelist and Children's Author.
Julianne DiBlasi Black
Children's Book Author & Illustrator / Motivation and Creativity
Lynda Cain Hubbard
Author, Artist, Speaker, Marketing Professional with Child charity foundation.
Rochelle Caruso Flynn
Pediatrician and New Author Shares Autism Experience Through "Floppy-Lop-Ears"
Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
Authors' Requests to Expand CategoriesHeeded by Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
Deb Browning
Deb Browning, Children's Author
Mary Lee
Mary Lee - Author
Jeri-Anne Agee
Award Winning Children's Book Author
Titus Family Books
Lexi and Papa Have a Great Day
Alia Reese
American Hero Books: staying connected when the extraordinary becomes ordinary
Dylan Peters
A third grader tells what it is really like to have Tourette syndrome
Charissa Young
Children and family book
Lori R. Lopez
Author, Artist, Poet
JR Poulter, worked in a Circus, children's writer, teaches writing to 'in print'
The Trotters of Tweeville
Join the Kindness Revolution
Cass Foster
The Introduction to Shakespeare is No Easy Task
Karen Matthews
The Legend of Lizard Lick Children's Book
Margaret R Blake
Author, Children, Fantasy Books, History, School, Youth
Kathy Eytchison
Elkan the adventure of a lifetime.
Mary Kay Carson
Children’s Nonfiction Author, School Visit Presenter, Writing Conference Speaker
Terry John Barto
Author of Children's Books that Inspire Kids to Dream.
Tami Butcher
My Bonus Mom: Taking the Step Out of Stepmom
Margaret Ottman
The Lonely Loon - A Children's Story About Tolerance and Compassion
Karen Loucks Rinedollar
Five Steps to a More Purpose-Full Life and Putting the Care Back in HealthCare
Suzie Olsen
Engineer and Writer, Author of Annie Aardvark, Mathematician

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