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J. Steven Spires, Children's Book Author
J. Steven Spires, Children's Book Author
Suzy Davies
Suzy Davies, Romance Novelist and Children's Author.
Mike Campbell
Author exposes the truth in the Earhart case
Diann Floyd Boehm
Diann Floyd Boehm Children's Author & Illustrator
Darrius Garrett
a Student Ignored, Now a Voice Heard Around the World
Rochelle Caruso Flynn
Pediatrician and New Author Shares Autism Experience Through "Floppy-Lop-Ears"
Damon "DaRil" Nailer
Inspiring and Skilled- Author, Speaker,Talk Show Host, and Music Producer
Suzann Connell
Your Career
Jeri-Anne Agee
Award Winning Children's Book Author
Patrick Andries
Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader, Dream Expert
Lisa Ryan
Keeping your employees and clients from becoming someone elses'
Denise W. Owen
Turtle Gliding
Diva Rules and Secrets
The Workout Diva debuts as self-published author in Diva Rules and Secrets
Corey Poirier
Revealing the Common (and Secret) Traits of Thousands of Achievers
Dorothea Jensen
Award-Winning Author Who Brings History and Fantasy to Life!
Sean Buvala
Connect your story in parenting, performance, publishing and public speaking.
Cass Foster
The Introduction to Shakespeare is No Easy Task
Terra Yim
Cannabis Activist, Blogger & Author
Barbara Freeman
This is No Ordinary Children’s Book. Discover the Intelligence of Pit Bulls.
Franq Ezenekwe
Franq Ezenekwe
Moses T Alexander Greene
Resiliency is Core Message of Dynamic Author/Educator/Arts & Media Consultant
Margaret Ottman
The Lonely Loon - A Children's Story About Tolerance and Compassion
Violence in Student Writing
Violence in Student Writing
Cindy Mahealani Sellers
Body-Organ Consciousness and Vibrant Health Tips
Mike Zimmerman
New novel available this May, Dracula's Apprentice
Saxelby's Children's Books LLC
Author Pam Saxelby shares her love of Children's Picture books!

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