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Shana Miller
Diggin' Hard
Lynda Cain Hubbard
Author, Artist, Speaker, Marketing Professional with Child charity foundation.
Roberta Hoffer
Author & animal activist
Author Patricia M McClure
Mary Elizabeth Jones M.A
A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives...And Anyone Else That is a Single Parent
E.P. Rose
100 Years Colonial Rule British India Through Personal Stories of One Family
Mary Lee
Mary Lee - Author
Jeri-Anne Agee
Award Winning Children's Book Author
Sť Yudey
Author, Poet, Speaker
Award Winning Children's Books Author, Shirley Moulton, M.S
Magic Moon Children's Books
Sheri S Levy
YA, Trina Ryan Novel series: Puppy raiser for service dogs, & special needs
Titus Family Books
Lexi and Papa Have a Great Day
Vladimire Calixte, Therapist, Relationship Expert
Life Rebuilding: Get Empowered-Make Better Decisions!
Alia Reese
American Hero Books: staying connected when the extraordinary becomes ordinary
Anne Bardsley
Author, Humorist Keeping it real
Cass Foster
The Introduction to Shakespeare is No Easy Task
Libby J. Atwater
Real Life Trumps Fiction
Shana Gorian
Author of the Rosco the Rascal series for kids
Sherry Ellis
Childrens' Author and Professional Musician
CL Gillmore
AZ Authors Assoc 2011 Literary Winner - OF ROOTS, SHOES and RHYMES
Dr. Rick Niece
Award-winning educator, turned author, shares hometown values.
May Woodworth
Unstick. Be Free.
Terry John Barto
Author of Children's Books that Inspire Kids to Dream.
Tami Butcher
My Bonus Mom: Taking the Step Out of Stepmom
Carole Lieberman, M.D.
THE TERRORIST THERAPIST & Bestselling Author Helps Families Keep Calm & Carry On
Saxelby's Children's Books LLC
Author Pam Saxelby shares her love of Children's Picture books!

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