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Joseph McGarry
Operation Mermaid--The Project Kraken Incident
Alan F. Stacy
Children's Book Illustrator, Costume desigtner, Makeup EFX
Kyle Morey
GUNSMOKE: An American Institution
Alexander B Drumm
Christian Author & Illustrator Alexander B. Drumm
Susan C. Finelli
Ani H. Manjikian
Author - Spirit of the Lone Horse / Web Design & Development Consultant
D C Dan Lee
Hoosier Author. Retired Journalist, Publisher, Businessman, Patriot
The Well-Fed Writer
You CAN Make a GOOD Living as a Writer (or Author)!
Elle Benét
"They Made Me Do It"- Life after being raised within a cult
Brian T. Seifrit
Books by Brian T. Sefrit
Jane Frances Ruby
Just When You Thought your High School Trip to the Grand Canyon Was Safe . . .
John Culbertson
Professional Psychic, Shamanic Practitioner, and Spiritual Teacher
The Great Green Gold Rush
The rich and the famous involved in the cannabis industry
sharron hopcus
Children's Book Author featuring Rescue pets and fictional animal characters
Randi Alexander
USA Today/NY Times Bestselling Author Randi Alexander
Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout
The Wizard of Wellness is your health whisperer. Schedule now to see how...
Elaine DePrince
Author speaks on interracial adoptions and empowerment of girls
Todd Lemense
Author , Expert on Ego control and keeping things in proper perspective
J. Steven Spires, Children's Book Author
J. Steven Spires, Children's Book Author
CJ Hatch - Author
Action/Thriller Fiction Author
Suzy Davies
Suzy Davies, Romance Novelist and Children's Author.
Ekko Mysteries
Johnny Walker: Showbiz Veteran, A/V Technical Mentor, Author, Public Speaker
Richard Rieman
Award Winning Audiobook Expert - Narrator, Producer & Consultant
Fitz nonpareil
Food Matters. What role has food played in your healing?
Ernestine Moore
Casualty of Silence
Ivette Attaud
Author/Expert on Abusive Relationships
Michael R. Strickand
Multicultural Author / Teacher / Parent and Child Advocate
Shirley W. Mitchell
The Golden Egg of Aging™-Author of the Fabulous, Sensational & Radiant Series
Julianne DiBlasi Black
Children's Book Author & Illustrator / Motivation and Creativity
Alan Brenham
Crime Fiction Author
Alyssa Louttit
Author, Young Adult Fiction
Travel Memoir, Artist, Lynda Cain Hubbard
Loving Dangerously: Journey to Nepal, a 1970's memoir of danger & life change
Linda F. Radke
Invite Linda F. Radke to your classroom: CREATIVE WRITING, INSPIRED THINKING, AND FUN, FUN, FUN!
Lynda Cain Hubbard
Author, Artist, Speaker, Marketing Professional with Child charity foundation.
Jo S. Kittinger
Children's Author and Writing Conference Speaker
Roberta Hoffer
Author of The Stonebridge Ghost Tales & The Silent Vampire Trilogy
Roberta Hoffer
Author & animal activist
Sharon Olsen
Author, Radio Co-Host, Guest Speaker, Alternative Medicine, Environment Illness
Magnolia "Maggie" Rivers-Author
Romance Author Magnolia "Maggie" Rivers
Aaron Wayne-Duke
Author, speaker, Autism advocate, hall of fame martial artist, self defense
Alexandra Hamlet
Author, Cultural Defense Anthropologist, organizational leadership consulting
Howard Beckman
Tempting The Devil In The Name Of God..
Darrius Garrett
a Student Ignored, Now a Voice Heard Around the World
Alexis Nicole White
Empowering you to be transparent, be fearless, be resilient
Rochelle Caruso Flynn
Pediatrician and New Author Shares Autism Experience Through "Floppy-Lop-Ears"
Damon "DaRil" Nailer
Inspiring and Skilled- Author, Speaker,Talk Show Host, and Music Producer
Helen Dunn Frame
Vivacious, Energetic, Experienced, Capable, Detailed
Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
Authors' Requests to Expand CategoriesHeeded by Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
Cathy Wild, Somatic (Holistic) Counselor & Creativity Expert
WILD IDEAS: Using "creativity" as a toolkit for transformation & breakthrough

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